For the first time ever, parts of Eastern Iowa have been experiencing a "snow squall".

That burst of relatively unexpected snow, high winds and low visibility? That's a snow squall. The National Weather Service created a "Snow Squall Warning" for the first time ever this year.

It's like a tornado but in winter. Intense, quick-hitting snow that will last 30-60 minute,  accompanied by low visibility and high, gusty winds. It is not a Winter Weather Advisory or Winter Storm Watch or Warning, as it is only expected to last for a brief, specific period of time. This may all combine to create whiteout conditions.

Snow Squall Warnings won't be that frequent, but if one is issued, travel is not advised if you can avoid it. All of this definitely occurred during the noon hour on Monday, so now we know what to look for.

Stay safe and warm this winter.

[Via NWS]

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