Two people from Davenport are in jail this morning after a domestic dispute resulted in police being called to their residence. After authorities arrived, the man told police his wife's adult daughter was locked up upstairs.

Apparently, the dispute resulted from the man, 56-year-old Eugene Harris, telling his wife, 47-year-old Kimberly Williams, to take the adult daughter to see a doctor. He'd been asking her to do so for days, but she wouldn't do it. The argument escalated to the point that police were called to the home in the 1700 block of Jenna Drive on Thursday.

Officers encountered a verbal and physical argument. During the course of interviews, Harris told police officers his wife kept the adult woman, who is intellectually disabled, locked up "in her room at all times," according to KWQC. He said he took the woman water bottles and food, per his wife's instructions. Harris also told police the woman drank from a toilet and that during the year they'd lived in the home, the adult daughter had been locked in the room for all but a couple days.

Once Harris took police upstairs, officers found a door that was locked, from the outside. Inside, was a woman asleep on a mattress. The only other things in the room were a dresser with bed sheets and two broken items... a dresser and television. Police say she had no way to call for help.

Police also encountered another locked room. Officers say it was a bathroom that had adult diapers that were soiled, along with the strong smell of feces and urine.

Kimberly Williams and Eugene Harris (pictured below) are each being held in the Scott County Jail on $100,000 bond. They face charges of Neglect or Abandonment of Dependent Person.

The woman inside the locked room is being treated at a hospital for injuries resulting from the way she was forced to live.


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