A reintroduced bipartisan bill could mean harsher punishments for animal abusers.

Two Florida Congressmen have officially reintroduced the The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act. According to KCRG"under the PACT Act, a person can be prosecuted for crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating, and impaling animals and sexually exploiting them." There are already laws prohibiting these forms of abuse in all 50 states, but People reports that "states cannot prohibit cruelty that occurs in interstate commerce or across state lines." If the bill passes that would no longer be an issue, because authorities would have federal jurisdiction. It also means animal abusers could get up to seven years in prison on top of felony charges and fines.

This is not the first time The PACT Act has been considered. People states that it has passed in the Senate twice now, but not in the House of Representatives. Supporters are confident that they won't run into the same situation this time, thanks to strong support from both republicans and democrats.

As an animal lover, I am all for stronger punishments for people who abuse animals. It's actually kind of shocking to me that these laws aren't in place already. What do you think of the proposed bill? Share your thoughts in the comments!

[Via People/KCRG]

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