It's quite possible this is one of the most impressive lemonade stands in the entire state of Iowa. It's not just because of the quality of the product...but the reasoning behind this lemonade stand that has been in operation for the past 3 years. There are some pretty lucky rescue cats that have this guardian angel looking out for them.

Unsplash - Kabo
Unsplash - Kabo

This past Labor Day (September 4), if you were driving around in Vinton, Iowa, you could've possibly stumbled on a 12-year-old girl who was selling lemonade at the end of her driveway. If you're not from Vinton and you ran into Addison Ollinger at her lemonade stand, you might not be aware that she's a bit of a local hero. She's used her lemonade stand to raise thousands of dollars for Better Together Animal Rescue.

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Google Maps

Better Together's cat rescue in Vinton has one goal and that's to save as many animals as they can. Addison has helped Better Together accomplish that for the past 3 years by donating the money she's made at her lemonade stand.

According to KCRG, Addison's grandmother had a cat that got sick when Addison was 9 years old. After that, she wanted to try and make a difference for the rescue cats in her community. She started her first lemonade stand in 2020 and she raised around $200 for Better Together. Through the support of her community, Addison has now raised more than $2,000 for these rescue cats.

According to KCRG, with the support she's received, Addison has been able to expand her stand. She now sells two types of lemonade and a plethora of baked goods. You can find her selling cookies, cake pops, and monster bars along with her lemonade. Not only does Addison donate 100% of her lemonade stand profits, but she also donates her time. Addison volunteers at Better Together Animal Hospital every week.

Addison spoke to KCRG about why she started her lemonade stand

I just feel really bad for them. How they just live on the streets and people abandon them... I’m just an animal lover.

Holly Ollinger is Addison's mom and she also spoke to KCRG

She just has a gift. I think God’s blessed her with just that servant’s heart and giving back. And she’s wise for her years, too. So, she’s just kind of an old soul and loves animals.

By noon yesterday (September 4), Addison had raised $1,000 and believes more donations will be coming in later this week. Next year she hopes to raise even more.

All I can say is way to go Addison! You're an inspiration to anyone who reads your story!

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