Ahead of releasing his next full-length record, Tullahoma, Dustin Lynch is sharing the first track from the project. "Momma's House" tells a story of heartbreak in a unique -- and rather violent -- way.

Throughout "Momma's House," Lynch talks about how, when his one-time love went and broke his heart, she tarnished the image he had of his hometown. Instead of fond memories, Lynch is haunted by what they once had and the memory of their breakup, and he's ready to go to extremes to rid himself of it.

"I’d burn this whole town down / Pick a spot, dig a hole, put them ashes in the ground / Baby, I’d burn this whole town down if it wasn’t for my momma’s house / My momma’s house," Lynch sings in the song's chorus. "Damn, girl, why’d you have to break it like that? / Leaving pieces of my shattered heart scattered like glass / I’d burn this whole town down if it wasn’t for my momma’s house / My momma’s house."

"Momma's House" was penned by Dylan Schneider, Michael Lotten, Rodney Clawson and Justin Wilson. Press play above to hear the song.

As a whole, Tullahoma tells the story of where Lynch is from, and sheds light on how he came to be the man he is today. The singer explains in a press release, “A lot of that points back to the people who raised me, and growing up with a lifestyle where I could go outside and have fun, explore and try new things in the great outdoors."

"It’s kind of about being that kid and learning all those things," Lynch adds. "That’s my story, but I think we all can relate to the kid who’s discovering, the kid who’s figuring out love for the first time, all that good stuff.”

Tullahoma is due out on Jan. 17. Lynch will embark on his 2020 Stay Country Tour on Jan. 30.

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