Sometimes working with the general public can be hilarious!

This week I came across a video on Tik Tok that made me laugh harder than any video has ever made me laugh before. The video features a visual interpretation of a story originally told by user @JustMelJones:

The video has nearly one million likes on Tik Tok, and for good reason! It inspired us to open up the phone lines and our Facebook page to listeners, who answered the question: What's the dumbest thing a customer has ever said to you at work? Here are some of the hilarious responses:

  • Spencer Kirk - "I work at renaissance fairs on the weekend and am usually cooking. At least once a day I get asked, 'is that a real fire?'"
  • Rachel Manders - "I had a lady come into my grocery store and tell me that she didn’t think the watermelon she bought the day before was rung up properly (thought the receipt showed too much weight). I asked if she brought it in for me to check. She said she already ate it, but she was hoping for a refund anyway."
  • Marissa Leibold - "Asked a customer what type of car they have... and got the response, 'a blue one.'"
  • Barbara Bascom - "I work in insurance and when discussing a person's auto policy, they asked if they could get a discount for having a driver's license."
  • Joyce Lambert - "I work in banking and had a customer call and ask how much money they had on their debit card. I asked if she knew her checking account number so I could pull up her info and she said, 'I don’t have a checking account just a debit card!' Smh... if you have a debit card you have a checking account!"
  • Tiphanie Sanborn - "I work in veterinary medicine and had a woman call and say her butthole itched and asked if it could be worms and what she should do. I told her to call her HUMAN doctor and never tell another person who's not a doctor about it again."
  • Amy Hoien Larson - "When I was a waitress... 'What would you like to drink?' 'Um, do you have water?'"
  • Kallie Jo Kriegel - "I work at a Mexican restaurant and I had a customer say, “can I have guacamole without the avocado?', pico?"
  • Nicole Ann Kurth - "I work in a hardware store and a customer came in with a broken piece of glass. I grabbed my tape measure to measure the piece to cut a new one. The guy then proceeded to tell me that he's surprised a woman knows how to use a tape measure. I was so dumbfounded and furious I just walked away to go cut the glass. My coworker then asked the guy why he even said that. The customer said it was a compliment!"
  • Sarah Monk - "Worked at a chain restaurant for many years. I had a gentleman complain to me that his burger needed to be on the LEFT side of his plate since he was a Democrat. It had been a VERY long shift... so I smiled my server smile and spun his plate around so his burger was on the left... and walked away."

What's the dumbest thing a customer ever said to you at work? Leave your story in the comments below!

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