There is just something about looking into a dog's face, seeing those eyes and that big smile, that makes you know what a wonderful animal he or she is. This week on Furry Friday we get to introduce you to Duke! One look at his sweet face, and you can just tell that if you bring Duke home, your days will be filled with fun!

Duke is 2 years old and is a Hound Dog. Now that means a couple of things. Duke used his nose for everything! He's super smart and is also very active. He would probably do best with someone who is active, loves to walk or run, and has plenty of room for Duke to do his thing. The other thing about Duke and others in his breed is that he needs to stay away from cats. Its nothing personal, but the cat might think otherwise!

Safe Haven

Duke does get along with everyone else, kids included. He also has gotten along with other dogs, so if introduced properly, he should have no issues there either. He knows the sit command very well and he is very treat driven, which should make continued training fairly simple. Duke is a loving, goofy hound looking to find his forever home!

If you want to know more about Duke or fill out an application to start the adoption process, you can find more information at Safe Haven of Iowa County. Lets help this hound find a new home!

Safe Haven
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