This is better than anything you may have seen on Cribs.

A man who had come home after hiking the Pacific Crest Trail found himself without a place to live because he had given up his apartment. No sweat. He made due by creating an awesome apartment inside a storage locker. Illegal? For sure. Cool? No question.

He gives a pretty interesting tour of his home and you've gotta admire how resourceful he was in putting it all together. In fact, if this guy doesn't get a show on DIY Network, something is wrong. In fact, he should be hired as a designer for a certain budding baseball star.

TV, running water, internet, kitchen, couch -- this studio-sized studio apartment has everything, except a bathroom.

The man, who lived in the apartment for two months, says he only spent about $100 on it and it proved to be a huge financial boon since it only cost him $205 a month to rent. Yeah, you're not the only one looking around your dinky abode right now going, "I pay how much for this?"

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