Whenever we pass by that little red kettle signifying the Salvation Army's holiday donation campaign, most of us are more than willing to honor the urge to give a little.

Someone in Dubuque recently felt compelled to give a LOT. An anonymous donor dropped a gold coin in one of the kettles around the city. But, not just any gold coin. One worth $1,450 at the Dubuque Hy-Vee on Locust St., according to Salvation Army spokesperson Matt Phelps.

We’re so excited when this happens and it couldn’t have come this year at a better time

The Salvation Army reports they are currently $25,000 short in their donation collection goal, set at $225,000 total, but every little bit of generosity helps.

Their hope is to obtain $118,000 of that goal from the red kettles through December 24, and the rest by mail-in donations through mid-January.

It's a story that, if you're not in the Christmas spirit yet, will certainly point you in that direction. Phelps says he's proud to see the community pull through with its donations and generosity.

[Via KCRG]


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