In early November a sign appeared on their door:

Eric Stone
Eric Stone

It turned into a couple weeks and the "power outage" was still ongoing. According to KCRG, Ruby's Pizzeria in downtown Cedar Rapids was officially closed as of November 7th.

It's clearly tough and surprising news to employees, especially near the holidays, and the owners have been unreachable. They also had a location at Lindale Mall, which reportedly has also been closed.

It was a big deal when Ruby's opened in downtown, the first pizza shop in the neighborhood in a number of years. Then, a new place called Need Pizza opened just up the road, and this year NewBo became the first Cedar Rapids location for Fong's Pizza. Was the pizza market suddenly oversaturated in an area where it hadn't even existed for a decade or more?

Questions remain, but I'm going to miss Ruby's Pizza. The restaurant, located at 223 2nd St. SE was right down the street from our studios. I always enjoyed their food and their lunch service. We wish the owners and employees well in the future.

[Via KCRG]

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