If you have some cans or bottles at home that you haven't returned yet, Dogs Forever is looking to take them off your hands!

According to KCRG, local animal rescue Dogs Forever has been asking for donations with their 'Cans for Canines' promotion. They are looking for cans and bottles with nickel bottle deposits that they can redeem to help pay for things like food and vet bills. The article says:

"With the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic, redemption locations have been closed. With cans and bottles building up in people's homes as a result, the rescue thought this would be an ideal time to use this as a fundraiser."

It appears that the rescue has already had great success with the campaign! Here's the photo that they posted to the official Facebook page yesterday:

Dogs Forever asked their Facebook followers if they still had cans or bottles that they would be willing to donate, and lots of people said yes, so they will be doing another collection this Saturday, May 23rd from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at their shelter. The address is 809 Rockford Rd SW in Cedar Rapids.

Yesterday, May 20th, was National Rescue Dog Day, so this is a great way to support a local animal rescue in honor of the holiday! We work with Dogs Forever for our 'Furry Friday' segment on Friday mornings, so was can tell you first-hand that it's an amazing organization. To read more about them and check out some of their adoptable pups, click HERE.

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