New drawings this week for a proposed Cedar Rapids waterpark show it using quite a bit of Hawkeye Downs. What would that mean for the future of auto racing in Cedar Rapids?

If you were like me was earlier this week, you were excited about a new waterpark coming to Cedar Rapids. I also wondered if it meant the end of racing on the half-mile. Though no location has been confirmed yet, the rumor mill has been running rampant the last few days so I decided to go straight to the people in the know with Hawkeye Downs. I went to Kevin Korsmo, the Vice-President of the All Iowa Agricultural Board Vice President:

The All Iowa Agricultural Association’s (Hawkeye Downs) Board of Directors was approached by representatives from Cedar Bayou several months ago regarding a potential partnership between the two organizations. Cedar Bayou is a community enhancement concept, which the Association’s Board feels, is our duty as a leading community partner, to explore and discover any potential opportunities to help promote the quality of life in Cedar Rapids. It has been made very clear that the Association will continue all ongoing operations unabated. It was also made very clear that it is the desire of the Board to preserve the legacy of ‘The Downs’ to continue to provide facilities (Ex-Hall, Bingo and racing) for the community to experience and enjoy.

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