The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has confirmed the presence of a black bear in northeast Iowa after a hunter caught the animal on video. The DNR calls the finding "pretty significant."

The bear was spotted back in April by Zach Anderson. He took the video while turkey hunting near Decorah. He admitted that seeing a bear in the wild was a little scary, but that it was still "one of the coolest things I've ever seen!"


DNR officials say that the video is significant because a black bear has been confirmed in Winisheik County for the past three years. The DNR says it is likely the same bear, and that it has decided to make its home in Iowa. That would be a huge development, as the last bear to be native to the state was killed in the 1880s.

DNR officials say the first bear to make Iowa its home in over 130 years has not been a nuisance and has kept out of the way of humans.


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