Fun activities may seem hard to find in the summer of 2020, but fitness-minded Iowans have been taking advantage of the Iowa bike trails for some time already.

Now, entire families are joining the fun, and the bike trails are quickly becoming the latest rage all around Eastern Iowa.

The Facebook page Iowa By Trail and it's companion mobile app are two great resources to help you start your exploration.

There are literally hundreds of miles of scenic bike paths and hiking trails hidden behind the city streets and country fields across Eastern Iowa.

The Cedar Valley Nature Trail is one of the state's many bike and hiking trails. It's rated as an easy path and is considered a perfect place for beginners to start on a hiking journey.

Cedar Valley Nature Trail

It's a very level ride of alternating asphalt and crushed limestone road, that runs from Cedar Rapids to Evansdale.

The 67-mile trek takes bikers on a ride through open fields, past forested river banks, and across prairies. You can expect to see an abundance of wildlife including chipmunks, deer, woodchucks, and rabbits. Wild turkey are often spotted in certain areas along the trail.

Best of all it's free. Bikers can find parking at a couple of spots along the trails, including the Cedar Valley Nature Trail parking lot in Hiawatha at Boyson Road, just east of Center Point Rd.

Biking is a great way to help stay in shape over the summer and many of the trails are stunningly beautiful in the fall season.

So shine up the spokes and pump a little air into those tires. Let's take off on another adventure that offers responsible social distancing, scenic views, healthy exercise, and companionship, all-in-one.

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