Dierks Bentley has some advice for anyone who is feeling stressed about Valentine's Day.

“I’m gonna be the voice of truth and honesty for Valentine’s Day for a lot of the guys out there listening and for some of the girls listening, as well too," Bentley tells Universal Music Group. "You may like this; you may not, but Valentine’s Day is a really difficult day for guys ... inevitably, you do something wrong. It’s just a very stressful holiday."

Instead of letting the pressure of the holiday get the best of you, Bentley suggests that maybe it's best to just relax and enjoy a low-key evening with your significant other. The singer has been married to his wife, Cassidy, for almost a decade, and now that they have three children, he notes that his idea of romance has changed.

"I mean, we get about four hours of sleep, and we’re literally in survival mode," he says. "So, I think there should be a hall pass for guys in that phase of their life. It doesn’t take much at this stage for us to get excited. A dinner alone is heaven. I mean, if we can just have a dinner and a glass of wine, that’s awesome.”

While parenthood is not without its challenges, Bentley adds that it has expanded his horizon and his heart.

"You get married and that’s a long-term, bigger image of what love can be. Then you have a child, and your heart gets spread so thin and it’s so vulnerable, like it’s a really tough, tough feeling, and it can kill you. It can really be painful at times, and at the same time, it’s so great. But it definitely stretches your heart … and it doesn’t change anything, it just makes your heart, I think it just makes it bigger. I think you just find that you can love more than you ever thought you could before.”

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