When the last of my three kids were out of diapers, it was a day of celebration! It was one monthly cost that we could finally cross off our list. Let's face it, even if you buy generic, diapers can get expensive. The Eastern Iowa Health Center and The Young Parents Network are holding the 2nd annual Operation Diaper Drive. You've still got time to make a donation.

So far, around 114,000 diapers have been collected. But the overall goal is 125,000 so more donations are needed! Organizers say the average family spends $80 a month on diapers so the drive will help families save some money. The nonprofits award diapers to families that display healthy behaviors.

The diaper drive goes through the end of October. You can donate at any Cedar Rapids or Marion Hy-Vee store.


[via KCRG]

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