With another mass shooting making headlines, city leader in Des Moines are poised to take action. Officials within the state capitol say they intend to consider banning high capacity magazines and trigger devices that can make certain weapons even deadlier.

The Des Moines city council unanimously backed a motion on Monday to have ordinances prepared for banning high capacity magazines and trigger activators such as bump stocks. Stocks like that were used in the 2017 Las Vegas shooting which allowed a semi-automatic gun fire as fast and quick as an automatic weapon.

One councilman who supported the measures says that the city is "not after every gun in town." But he added that city leaders intend to "protect our citizens from mass shootings."

The federal government has already banned bump stocks. Several other states and cities have banned high capacity gun magazines too. The shooter who killed 12 people last week in Virginia used high capacity magazines in his attack.


[via CBS2]

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