Every Thursday Brain and Steele read a letter from a listener who has a dilemma they need help with. After the letter is read, it’s YOUR turn to help out with your thoughts and opinions about the situation. Welcome to the Counseling Corner.

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Dear Brain and Steele,

My name is Molly and this fall I will be a freshman at Iowa. I am having a problem with my parents – mostly my dad and I am hoping you guys can get me out of a jam. My dad LOVES Hawkeye football. He doesn't just LOVE it...I think it's an obsession. He is a Hawkeye alum, and was on the team for ONE season back in the 80's. He's always talking about the team, has season tickets for him and my mom, and has a room in our basement that is NOTHING but Hawkeye football stuff.

A few weeks ago he gave me $200 to purchase a student season ticket for football. He says it's a “right of passage” and every student should be required to go to the games and experience the section where all the students sit. My issue is – I am not a fan of football in any way, shape, or form. I tried talking to my mom about this, but she sides with my dad. I've put off buying the ticket as long as possible to try to think of a way out of this, but this Friday is the deadline. I could lie and say I did it, but I know he's going to be looking for me at the games and want to talk about how “great” the game was afterwards. Ugh.

What do I do?

What Our Listeners Think:

Nicole said Molly should buy the ticket. Her dad gave her the money specifically to buy a season ticket and that's what she should do. Molly might meet some people at the games who go for the social aspect of it and find out she likes going for that reason.

Andrew commented that the games are not all about football. Molly won't be disappointed with the tailgating and experience of going to the games with her friends.

Carisa tells Molly to be honest with her dad. He might be hurt but football's not everyone.

Jenn thinks Molly's dad is trying to use this as a father-daughter bonding opportunity since Molly is growing up and leaving the nest and she should let him.

Joe suggested Molly go for the first game. If she doesn't like it, she can sell her ticket.

Steele says:  Get the tickets and try it out.  That's what college is all about.  If after a few games you still don't dig it, stop going and tell your dad it's just not your thing.

 Brain says:  I can understand your Hawkeye fatigue, with your dad being an alum plus an ex-player.  But take the ticket.  Go to a couple games, and find out for yourself what it's all about.  See it through your own eyes, and not your fathers.  It might just make a difference!