The world needs more feel-good stories like this!

Yesterday, the Cedar Rapids Police Department posted a very touching story to their official Facebook page. To sum it up, an anonymous citizen had an item stolen from their home, which was a necessity for him and his family. The officer was so deeply affected by the story that they used social media to find a way to help out. Here's the full post from the CRPD (no names were released):

"Last week, an officer, who wishes to remain anonymous, took a report of a burglary where an iPad was stolen from the residence. The reporting party is hard of hearing and stated he uses the iPad to communicate with his family. The victim now had no way of connecting with his family. This touched the reporting officer so deeply that he/she reached out via social media and was overwhelmed with responses of friends wanting to help. Through some planning, a gently used iPad was donated and a new iPad was purchased with the help of this officer’s friends. The victim’s wife is also hard of hearing, so the second iPad was given to her. The iPads were delivered this past weekend. The officer stated the couple was overwhelmed with emotion and so thankful. CRPD loves hearing stories like this, full of love and support for its community!"

The post was accompanied by a photo with the quote:

"Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have."

Kudos to this officer and the people in the community who stepped up to help this family! It's always great to see people come together and spread the love! :)

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