Is Cedar Rapids, a community entangled in a web? I'd say so.  If you've ever left your car around Cedar Rapids, for any time, you've probably come out to these crawly critters traversing your wheels. They hang out year-round, though more in the summer months, and drop in at the most inconvenient time, like while driving.

8 is Enough

Should you be hanging out around Cedar Rapids.  you may see a spider or two....hundred. If you've not encountered spiders, know they have probably tried to break into your vehicle.  If they didn't get in they got their web on your ride.

Sloppy Joe/Canva/TSM
Sloppy Joe/Canva/TSM

They're here

What could be driving these eight-legged invaders into Cedar Rapids in such overwhelming numbers? Some speculate it’s a result of climate change, altering ecosystems and forcing creatures into new territories. Though, I'm thinking maybe ancient curses, long dormant but now awakening? As the webs grow thicker and the spiders multiply, one thing becomes clear, you could be their next meal.

The Daddy of them all

The Burke Museum says its a fallacy that daddy-longlegs have the most powerful venom.  Fortunately for you, you'll never have to find out, their jaws are so small that they can't bite you.

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Sloppy Joe/TSM
Sloppy Joe/TSM

Long dormant ancient curses aside, the Iowa DNR says spiders are not out to get you.  They're minding their own business and have no interest in people and usually won't bite unless threatened.  I can't think of a reason you might threaten a spider unless they don't pay their part of the dinner bill.  8 legs but not one arm to grab the check.

Speaking of food, Iowa DNR also says spiders make tasty snacks for all kinds of critters, including birds, lizards, snakes, wasps, and other spiders.

Good times in the 90's with Spiders

Not just any web

These spiders are found around Cedar Rapids and Iowa according to  They also report that spiders are not bound by state lines that we humans decide on.

  • Araneus Marmoreus (Marbled Orb-Weaver)
  • Arctosa Rubicunda
  • Dolomedes Tenebrosus (Dark Fishing Spider)
  • Dysdera Crocata (Woodlouse Hunter)
  • Herpyllus Ecclesiasticus (Eastern Parson Spider)
  • Larinioides Cornutus (Furrow Orb-Weaver)
  • Micrathena Mitrata (White Micrathena)
  • Parasteatoda Tepidariorum (Common House Spider)
  • Phidippus Audax (Bold Jumper)
  • Steatoda Triangulosa (Traingulate Cobweb Spider)
  • Tigrosa Aspersa (Tiger Wolfe Spider)
  • Tigrosa Helluo.


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