Bears in Iowa are a bit like celebrities. We don't see them that often, but when we do, everyone wants to get a picture before they leave!

Although to be fair to celebrities, most of them won't threaten your life if you happen to get in their way. Officials are urging the public to use caution and avoid contact with another bear making its way through the Dubuque area. I was scrolling through Facebook on Thursday when a friend of mine posted a picture of a bear walking through his backyard. It was then I said to myself, wait a minute...he lives in Iowa!

Facebook via T.J. Reck
Facebook via T.J. Reck

He lives near Dubuque and the bear he saw lumbered through his backyard and into several others. Residents that never have had to deal with a bear before, suddenly had to learn how to deal with the large animal until it moved on! Apparently the bear was looking into college for his or her cubs because it also stopped by nearby Clarke College!

KCRG reports that bears in Iowa are becoming more common. They have been sighted in the state consistently since 2002, with two to five sightings per year since 2014. Most of the sightings come in late May through early July as bears emerge from hibernation and are in search of food.

The Dubuque Telegraph Herald reports that Iowa Department of Natural Resource officials have been tracking the bear on its journey and are confident that it will be out of the area soon. Officials say it is critical to give the bear plenty of room and not interfere or try to get close and take pictures. Wildlife officials say interactions can be dangerous for both humans and the bear.

If you were able to safely get an image of the bear as it moved through Eastern Iowa, send it to us using the 98.1 KHAK app!

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