The most popular sporting event people around the world place their bets on is the Super Bowl. Now you can bet on who you think will win the game. You can bet with a points spread. Example: New England is favored by 3 points over Atlanta so if you were to take New England with the spread, you would need for them to win by 3 points or more. You can bet on the total score of the game which is 57. You can chose over 57 or under.

Now Vegas knows not everyone is a football guru so they've come up with other ways to get everyone involved. Vegas likes to give everyone a chance to win or lose their money. The following are actual bets you can make on today's game.

How long will it take Luke Bryan to sing the National Anthem? Over or Under 2 Min 10 Seconds

What color of gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach? (orange is most popular)

What color of lipstick will Lady Gaga have on?

What color of Hoodie will Bill Belichick wear?

How many times will Donald Trump tweet between kickoff and the end of the game? Over/Under 2.5 times

These are just a few of the 100 + different things to place your money on. Of course the only sure bet is not to bet at all.

Enjoy the game

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