Believe it or not there is an Iowa law on the books that no one enforces because it would be virtually impossible to do so.

But it's likely that hundreds of Iowans are breaking this law every month.

Did you know that you legally cannot bring in a bottle of tasty New Glarus brew from Wisconsin without breaking the law? It's true, there is an Iowa that law prohibits the transportation of beer and wine purchased out of state!

According to the CBS2 News report "the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division issued a bulletin this month to remind residents about the rules. Department spokesman Tyler Ackerson says residents can't purchase beer or wine in another state and transport it into Iowa".

Oddly, the law does allow for 1 liter of liquor purchased in the U.S. or 4 liters from outside the country to be personally imported. But just say "no" when it comes to beer and wine.? Outrageous!

Surprisingly, when meeting last year, the Iowa legislature last year refused to take the law off the books. Go figure it out over a brew. Just make sure it wasn't brought back from Wisconsin in Uncle Buck's last delivery!

[source CBS2 News]

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