Congratulations Cedar Rapids!

As 2016 draws to a close, sad stories of celebrity deaths, election hacking and foul weather dominate the headlines. Finally, there's some good news to share!

In a recent poll released by for the Best Cities to call home in 2016, our little town ranked in the Top Ten!

Actually, Cedar Rapids was ranked a cut above the Top Five, with the "City of Five" coming in 4th place overall!

According to the article, "Cedar Rapids ranked well in many of our studies this year because of its affordability. The second-largest city in Iowa is one of the most affordable places for renters and one of the cities where millennials are buying homes. We also named Cedar Rapids one of the best cities for living the American dream, in part because of its high home ownership rate. More than 71% of Cedar Rapids households own their homes."

Take that, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York!

In fact, none of those cities made the top ten list. And while Madison, WI scored the number one spot in the survey, coming in 4th place is a pretty good indicator of what many of us already know. Cedar Rapids is a great place to call home!


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