Officials with area hospitals say that their mode of operations has changed from precaution to reaction to the high number of coronavirus patients that could come. CBS2 reports that Dr. Dustin Arnold, the Chief Medical Officer at Unity Point St. Lukes Hospital says that area hospitals "can handle any patient surge that we see."

Linn County Public Health Officials have been closely monitoring hospitalizations and have seen around 20 so far in Linn County. Four people have died as a result of COVID-19, with another 20 people recovering from the virus. Dr. Arnold confirmed that right now hospitals are making contingency plans in case there is a larger outbreak.

Dr. Anrold says that off-site locations have been chosen, but he would not reveal where they were as they could possibly change depending on the needs of patients. He added the hospitals can handle a 100% increase in capacity with no problems and can double the services they normally deal with.


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