Double the concerts, double the fun!

I am EXHAUSTED. I was lucky enough to attend two concerts this weekend, one in Des Moines and one in Moline, and they really wore me out! I'm not complaining though, because they were both absolutely amazing.

The first concert I went to was on Friday night, and I made the two-hour trek over to Des Moines to go see one of my absolute FAVORITE artists - Chris Stapleton. The weather on the way over was just atrocious, but I'll do anything for Chris. We made it just in time to see the last song from Margo Price, the final opening act. I haven't been to Wells Fargo since Garth Brooks was there last year, so I was immediately reminded of that show when I walked in and saw the enormous crowd. It was another one of those shows were everybody stood up for the majority of the concert. To see an artist who has only a few "radio hits" draw a crowd that large is majorly impressive. I'm so happy that so many people recognize his insane amount of talent!

Chris Stapleton did a wonderful tribute to the victims of Las Vegas with his song "Broken Halos," and another great tribute to Tom Petty with "Learning to Fly." Those were a couple of my favorite moments, next to the almost 10 minute guitar solo he did during one of his songs. THAT GUY CAN SHRED. I also loved when he did "Whiskey and You," "Fire Away," and "Tennessee Whiskey." My only complaints are that he didn't play "Either Way," which is another one of my favorite songs, and that the t-shirt I wanted was $50 (I have expensive taste). Here are some videos from Friday night's concert:

Saturday night I went down to Moline to see ANOTHER incredible show, this one from the band Matchbox 20. I grew up listening to Matchbox 20, and I truly think Rob Thomas has one of the greatest voices ever. He had a wonderful stage presence, and some even more wonderful dance moves. Before I get to Matchbox 20's part of the concert, though, I have to give a shout out to Matt Nathanson. He was the opening act, and I only knew a few of his songs, but he was really great and also HILARIOUS. I can't remember the last time I saw an artist that made me laugh that hard on stage. I definitely downloaded a few of his songs when I got home.

Matchbox 20 sounded just a good as I expected them to. Right before they came out on stage, they shined one spotlight on a lone microphone and played a recording of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'." Hearing every person in that audience sing the words to that song was so touching that I almost cried. Then they came out on stage and opened up the show with "Won't Back Down," which was another great tribute. My other favorite moments were when they sang "So Sad So Lonely," "3 am," "Back 2 Good," and "Push" (which is my favorite Matchbox 20 song EVER). Here are a couple of videos that I took from the show:

Did you go to either of these shows this weekend? Share your reviews in the comments!

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