Two months in a row in North Liberty? Don't mind if I do!

I can't believe it, but it's already October! Where did the year go?! Yesterday was October 1st, so when my friends suggested we go out to eat after our trip to Wilson's Orchard, I suggested that we try some place new. A few days ago we were driving through North Liberty, and we passed a place I had never seen before. It's a new restaurant called Tin Roost.

First of all, my first impression was that the building was really cool-looking. I was drawn to the place simply because of the exterior. I didn't know anything else about the restaurant. I didn't see the menu, I didn't read reviews, I didn't talk to someone who had eaten there... nothing. I kind of like it that way, though. It helps me keep an open mind.

We were seated very quickly and our waitress (I think her name was Olivia?) was super friendly. I started by ordering a sangria and some cheese curds because it was happy hour, and I really liked both items. I had no complaints!

I will say that the menu isn't as large as I'm used to. The food items make up one page, so it didn't take too long to decide on a meal. I stuck with some of the foods I know best: grilled cheese and french fries.They actually give you TWO sandwiches, and it comes with a cup of tomato soup, which was a nice surprise! There was no way I could eat it all, though.

Two of my friends ordered the Roost Burger, and they really seemed to enjoy that, as well.

The restaurant is definitely unique and not your standard burger joint. I read some of the Facebook reviews after my visit, and there were some negative ones, but I think you have to at least have an idea what to expect going in, and they are still very new, so I think it makes sense to cut them a little slack. It takes some time to figure out what works and what doesn't, but I had a really good experience, so I think they're on the right track!

Here's their menu, if you want a sneak peek:


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