Downtown Cedar Rapids is home to some amazing restaurants!

Last Wednesday was my birthday, so I decided to celebrate with a birthday dinner! I was going to choose one of my favorite restaurants, but I instead went for one that I had never been to before, but heard great things about. That restaurant is Grin N Goose in Downtown Cedar Rapids.

Grin N Goose is a newer restaurant that's located in the building where Zin's used to be. It's a great location and I loved the vibe. The menu had a lot of great options, but I absolutely HAD to try the mozzarella sticks. I heard they were the best in town, and boy was that accurate. Check these babies out:

And the fried pickles were just as good!

For my main course I went with the nachos. What kind of birthday would it be if I didn't have my favorite food? They were cheesy and delicious.

I'll be headed to another new restaurant in a few weeks! Have a suggestion for me? Leave it in the comments!

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