There were quite a few country performances this week and I was very happy about it!

It was the final week of battles on 'The Voice,' which means my favorite part of the show has officially come to an end. That's ok, though, because some of the battles this week were SO GOOD that they will be able to hold me over until next season.

I have to say, the ladies were totally crushin' it this week. Miley's team is easily my favorite right now, with four of my favorite contestants: Ashland, Moriah, Brooke, and Karli. In fact, Ashland had one of my absolute favorite performances of the whole battles. On Tuesday night she went head to head with Megan Rose on the song "Good Hearted Woman," and she absolutely SLAYED. I'm also happy to say that Megan was scooped up by Team Blake.

Here are a few of my other favorite performances this week:

Next week the knockout rounds begin, and Kelly Clarkson will be advising all the singers. I can't wait!

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