Dating is a scary thing, but online dating might be even scarier. Yesterday I decided to cave in to peer pressure and create a Tinder account. Needless to say, it didn't last too long.

So in case you're wondering what Tinder is, it's a dating app you can download for your phone. What it does is it connects to your Facebook page, and then links you to people in your area that are in the gender/age range you are looking for. Then it brings up one person at a time, and you can either swipe right or left depending on whether you find that person attractive or not. If you get matched with someone who also finds you dateable, you are notified and then you are able to chat with the other person.

Now, it doesn't sound so bad... in theory. But when you really think about it, it's not the best way to meet someone, and here's why:

1. It is 100% superficial. You are literally judging someone's dateability by their photo. Sure, you can look at their profile before you judge them, but do most people? Probably not. And the profile is not a very in-depth thing, just 5 photos of yourself and a maximum 500 word description.

Call me crazy, but sometimes what makes someone attractive is their personailty, not neccassarily just their looks. I felt bad for swiping "no," because you I wasn't really giving anyone a fair chance. And then I started thinking about how many people looked a MY photos and said, "oh HECK no," and it made me feel a little bummed out.

2. People totally abuse the app. I cannot even being to tell you how many of my friends have recieved messages from total strangers asking to "hook-up" or asking them to send risque pics. Not to mention the endless number of websites dedicated to Tinder horrors. It's basically a big joke.

So if you're looking to SERIOUSLY online date, Tinder is probably not your best option. Not to say that it hasn't been helpful for some, but I find that's pretty far and few between.

Or, you can be like me and vow to become a spinster with 13 dogs (I'm allergic to cats). Whatever works.

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