We've all been there: a man/woman you are just NOT interested in won't leave you alone. Some people won't take no for an answer! Well, one woman found a new way to handle it - by faking her own death!

29-year-old Ann-Marie Gray of England met a guy online, went on 3 dates with him, and then decided to call things off. Unfortunately, that guy didn't get the hint, and continued to text her and say he was going to come over her house. Ann-Marie's next step was a drastic one - she texted him from her phone pretending to be her sister, and told him that Ann-Marie was in the hospital. When he insisted on coming down to the hospital and then showed up after being told it was "family only," that's when Ann-Marie dropped the final bomb, with a text telling him that she had passed away.

Lucky for Ann-Marie, that worked! Unlucky for Ann-Marie, he found her on another dating website later and sent her a nasty message.

Read the whole story HERE.

Have you ever had to take drastic measures when dealing with a clingy date? Share your story below!

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