I never thought I would say these words, but I, Courtlin, showed a calf this week at the Johnson County Fair. And I don't mean my leg.

Just a few weeks ago, Bob James came to me to ask if I would be interested in doing some sort of baby cow contest at the Johnson County Fair. I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, but he informed me that that's exactly why they wanted me. I agreed to do it out of curiosity, but mainly because I can't say no to baby animals.

Bob and I showed up at the Johnson County Fairgrounds last night, not knowing what to expect. Neither of us had ever been to that fair before, so we were quite surprised to find out that it was packed! We didn't realize just how popular it was, especially on a Tuesday night!

Once we figured out where the heck we were supposed to go, we met up with a wonderful group of 4-H kids who introduced us to Beau. I immediately fell in love. Beau is a black calf with the biggest baby doll eyes I've ever seen. I can't speak for Beau, but I think that we really bonded. We might even be best friends now.


It turns out that I was going to be a part of the Celebrity Calf Competition, along with five other local celebs. Basically, each group chooses a theme and then the "celeb" of the group guides the calf around in some sort of costume. Beau was dressed as a racehorse and, of course, rocked a KHAK bumper sticker. We ended up winning for crowd participation, which means that the entire 4-H group won a ribbon and a pizza party! Personally, I think that's the best prize of all!

Also, I absolutely need to give a shoutout to Jerry and Margie's Catering out of Riverside for the delicious food I had last night. Their cheesy hash brown casserole is what my dreams are now made of. I want a BUCKET OF IT.

Here are some photos from my Johnson County Fair adventure:

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