With all the typing and texting we all do on a daily basis, typos are bound to happen from time to time. They happen to me quite a bit when I'm texting because my fingers move quickly and the keyboard is really small! Also, I'm pretty lazy so I don't always read the texts before I send them. That's what happened to me yesterday.

I was working in the KHAK studio yesterday when I ran into a minor problem. Instead of walking down the hall to ask my boss Bob James to come help me out, I figured it would be easier to send a text. This is what happened:


I caught the typo AS the text was sending, and in my head I was like, "no, no, no, NO, NO." The worst part wasn't even the text, it was the fact that I solved the problem three minutes later and that Bob never said anything back. I guess we were going to pretend the situation didn't happen, but I'm clearly ruining that right now, so...

Honestly, this isn't really all that embarrassing because we're all very close here at the station and I embarrass myself a lot, but if this had been somebody I wasn't close with, it would've been much worse.

Have you ever sent a text or an email with an embarrassing typo? Please share yours with us in the comments!

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