Am I the only one having this EXTREMELY annoying problem?

Yesterday I was enjoying my afternoon nap, when I was woken up by a phone call. A phone call from who, exactly? Well, it was an number unknown to me, but it had the exact same area code and first three digits of my own phone number. I ignored it, blocked the number, and went back to sleep. 20 minutes later it happened again. And then almost two hours later it happened AGAIN. My nap was ruined.

I have received 15 phone calls from numbers like this, as well as out-of-state numbers, in the last seven days. Five of them happened just yesterday. I block each phone number after every call, but it doesn't do any good. They just call from a different number the next time. The first couple of times this happened weeks ago, I answered, thinking it was maybe somebody from home that I knew. After all, the phone number looked very similar to my own. That's how they get you. These scammers purposely use numbers similar to your own so that you're more likely to pick up. I have even Googled many of these phone numbers to see if they are associated with any business or companies that are legitimate, but all I discovered was that it's just a big scam.

I never answer any of these calls now, but they won't stop coming. They are driving me absolutely INSANE (and interrupting my naps). I don't know what else to do at this point but change my phone number. I never enter my phone number on any random websites or anything, and I'm on the "do not call" registry, so I'm not sure why my number was selected, but I know I can't be the only one dealing with this. Has anybody else had this problem? What did you do about it? I would love to hear your suggestions!

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