Yes, I said it. It's true. I am starting a new sort of "diet," and it's definitely a change!

Everybody on Earth knows my passion for nachos. I don't hide it. Unfortunately, that passion is making me gain a lot of weight. Since I injured my knee, I have not been able to go to the gym. I probably COULD, I just don't want to screw up the healing process. After just one week, I could already feel my body getting fluffier. Needless to say, I didn't like it. I knew something had to be done. My only option was *GASP* dieting.

Now, I don't like the word dieting because it has the word "die" in it, but also because it makes it sound like a temporary fix. A lot of people call it a "lifestyle change," but I prefer to just call it "healthy eating." Saturday I went to the grocery store and bought ALL HEALTHY ITEMS. I did not buy one single bad snack, that way I won't be tempted. It was really tough. That's not to say that I won't eat bad things, because I will. I'm going to allow myself 2-3 cheat meals a week (one of those being Listener Lunch), depending on the occasion. I just find it easier to not keep those foods in the house.

By the way, this is not my first time doing this. About a year and a half ago I lost just over 20 pounds, and I managed to keep it off for quite a while. But, you know how it is. Sometimes life just takes over and you fall back into bad habits. That's what I'm trying to avoid doing this time. Once I'm able to go back to the gym, I will go back to my 5 workouts a week, on top of the healthy eating. Oh, and I won't be obsessing about the number on the scale this time around. No scales allowed!

If you're sitting there wondering, "Courtlin, why are you bothering to tell us all of this?" Well, it's because I want to be held accountable. Once I put it out there for all of you to see, I can't back down! Plus, I'd love to hear some simple, healthy recipes that you love to make! I need some ways to mix up my diet so I don't get bored. Feel free to leave some in the comments below!

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