I was at the craft store the other day, and I just couldn't resist picking up some fall decorations! Yes, I know it's only August.

I'm aware that I'm the holiday decoration person that everybody hates, but I'm ok with it!

Fall is my favorite season ever. Of all time. And Halloween is tied for my favorite holiday (with Christmas, of course.) When I walk into a store and they have all their fall/Halloween decorations out, I become giddy. It makes me so happy! I was at Micheal's a few days ago, and the fall decorations were EVERYWHERE. Right next to the checkout line they had some clearance items, so obviously I bought some. My favorite is the sparkly pumpkin.

Judge me if you will, but it is officially fall in my apartment (as you can see from the above photo)! I also have my Halloween costume all planned out, and I've begun looking for specific items. Anyone know where I can get a green pair of wedges?

And in case you're wondering... yes. I am the person who takes down my fall decorations and immediately puts up my Christmas ones. To be fair, though, I only leave them up a few weeks into January!

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