November 10th, 2014 is a date that will be forever burned into my memory. Five years ago yesterday, Brain & Courtlin in the Morning was born!

Yesterday was my KHAK anniversary, which marks five years since my very first morning show here at Townsquare Media. I remember it like it was yesterday, but it feels like it was decades ago. At the time, I was convinced I would be here no more than one year. Three days earlier, I sat and watched as the movers carried my furniture up to my new apartment, sobbing for hours. Then when my mom left a couple of days later, I sobbed again. I was so wildly homesick those first few months, it's a miracle I'm still here.

I'm so glad I'm still here, though. I thought I was giving up all of my family and friends, when really I was just making room for even more of them. Three weeks ago I moved into a new place, and my friends and coworkers jumped at the opportunity to help me. That's when I realized how insanely lucky I am. I have two families: one in Michigan and one in Iowa. I truly can't imagine my world without my Iowa family. I would be missing out on so much.

The last five years at KHAK have been both wild and wonderful. The artists are amazing. My coworkers are amazing. Brain is amazing. And you, the listeners, are amazing. You welcomed me with open arms and introduced me to a genre of music I never thought I would enjoy. Now I can't see myself ever NOT working in country music. Funny how life works, isn't it?

Five years of Brain & Courtlin. It feels good to say! Here are some photos of my last five years at KHAK. None of these things would be possible without my job:


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