It's hard to imagine Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers not playing football. Are we watching the beginning of him leaving the sport?

For the last almost two weeks, Aaron Rodgers has been the guest host on Jeopardy! and he's been really good. He put in so much work to get ready for this game show stint. Even after hearing about his Jeopardy! pre-game rituals, I still didn't think he'd be as entertaining as he has been. Except for a few quick NFL postgame interview moments, I never thought of Aaron Rodgers having much of a magnetic personality. He's a brilliant man but he ain't the warmest guy in the room.

Aaron Rodgers also doesn't seem to be the kind of guy who is comfortable being the 'butt of a joke,' and this funny moment doesn't remind you of that fact.

Watch this Jeopardy! moment where Aaron had a hilarious reaction to the contestants not knowing an answer about the Packers, followed by a very Aaron-esque comeback when a contestant knew the next answer about another team.

Aaron has really gone out of his way to speak this 'game show host business' into full-time existence. Could this Jeopardy! gig make it even easier for Aaron Rodgers to leave Green Bay, and possibly football? Former Packer and Hall of Fame cornerback, Charles Woodson, believes Aaron will not be in a Packers uniform for much longer, telling the NY Post:

I think it could be one of those situations where it gets nasty at some point, somehow in the back and forth between the Packers and Aaron’s agents and then before you know it somehow the thing gets blown up. I mean, I certainly hope that doesn’t happen, but you know where there’s smoke there’s fire.

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