Some of you reading this article are probably saying to yourself, you're talking about Keegan Murray, right? Keegan's exploits at the University of Iowa are well known now. The All-American Hawkeye is listed towards the top of every NBA mock draft you care to read online. But his twin brother Kris Murray is also starting to get some attention as we get closer to draft night.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that Kris Murray officially announced his intentions about his future last month. He was going to put his name in for the NBA Draft but maintain his college eligibility. It is a popular tool for college players looking for advice from pro scouts on what they should work on to hear their names called early in next season's NBA Draft. But what happens if next year is THIS year?

The Gazette reports that The Athletic currently has Kris Murray ranked as the #50 overall prospect in this year's NBA Draft. That would put him in the second half of the second round. Thursday, Sports Illustrated ranked Kris #37, which would be an upper second-round pick if he were to be drafted that high. But would Murray leave Iowa to be a second-round pick?

My guess at this point would be no. He saw how much his brother Keegan's draft stock skyrocketed after leading Iowa to the NCAA Tournament. Kris could come back to Iowa and attempt to do the same thing. Listen to the scouts and find out what you can improve on and then return to college. But what if Kris and Keegan get drafted by the same NBA team? Playing with your brother at the next level might be too much to resist. Keep holding your breath, Iowa fans. The NBA Draft is set for Thursday, June 23rd.

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