Former Iowa wide receiver Marvin McNutt appreciates the education that he got for free at the University of Iowa. But he knows that he could have done better. McNutt is one of many who is behind the effort to get college athletes paid. It's a battle that is about to come to the state of Iowa.

Two Iowa state representatives, Republican Joe Mitchell and Democrat Ras Smith, plan to introduce such a bill when the new legislative session begins in January. The bill would allow college athletes to be paid for items using their names and likeness. The NCAA is obviously against such new laws. The state of California has already passed such a law.

McNutt believes that is one reason why Iowa needs to get on board. He believes that Iowa and other states that don't allow athletes to make some money off of their name could lose top athletes to states that do.

The proposal here in Iowa is still in the early stages, with Mitchell and Smith looking to get some more co-sponsors before the bill heads to subcommittee.


[via KCRG]

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