No doubt about it, the drive-in movie is a popular trend again. Thanks to the limited movie theater or other entertainment options due to the coronavirus pandemic, families are hopping in the car and heading out for some socially-distanced fun in front of the big screen outdoors.

Coralville's public library is soon hosting just such an event. The first two Fridays in October are movie nights, according to Iowa's News Now. They will be open and screening on October 2 and 9 at 7 p.m.

The library's calendar of events on the website indicates the films shown on Family Drive-In Movie nights will be "Babe", which is scheduled to run from 7-8:30 on October 2, and the following week it's the original Karate Kid from 1984, which should run closer to 2 hours and be a big hit as new generations are being introduced to the cast and history thanks to Netflix picking up the "Cobra Kai" series.  Ironically enough, the Coralville Public Library sits where there used to be an actual drive-in theatre at 1401 5th Street. Iowa's News Now says the Coralville Drive-in was located there from 1950 through 1980 so the site should be a perfect fit.

Social distancing and safety rules are, of course, in place. Stay in your car, bring your own refreshments and cars will be spaced apart with public restrooms not available.

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