Cole Swindell sings a shout-out to the people in his past that contributed to getting him where he is today in a new song, off his upcoming third studio album. "The Ones Who Got Me Here" is a slow-tempo, sentimental look at the highs and lows that led Swindell down the path of life to his current success. Readers can press play above to listen to the song.

"The ones that i drank all those beers with  / Made it through those high school years with / All those girls I loved who broke my heart / All those back roads I drove round on / That church pew that I got found on / That college town where I first got my start," the first verse opens. Swindell goes on to offer homage to the teachers, friends, fans, and even naysayers in the early days of his career.

"All the haters all the lovers / My dad and my two brothers / All the people I ain't seen in too many years / And I thank God that I met you / Hope you know I won't forget you / This one's for the ones who got me here..." The artist gives credit to the hard parts of his background as well as the high points, as he recognizes that it all served to bring him to this moment. The song, written by Swindell along with Ashley Gorley and Jesse Frasure, carries a theme that Swindell says all three songwriters could relate to.

“I remember the night I wrote this song I was in Virginia Beach,” Swindell says in an interview with Sounds Like Nashville. “We were just talking about growing up and how far we’ve all come. Not just me, but them as well. I started talking about the people who raised me, the people who got me through high school, college and the ones who moved me to Nashville. The people that didn’t believe in me were just as important as those who did because that motivated me. I think we can all relate to a song like this because no matter where you are in life, someone helped you get there. Somebody pushed you, whether they were behind you, supporting you or doubting you.” Swindell says that it's a close second to 2016's "You Should Be Here" as his favorite of his own songs to date.

"The Ones That Got Me Here" follows the release of "Somebody's Been Drinking" and  "Break Up in the End," the first taste of Swindell's new album and the latest in a string of chart-topping hits. In February, Swindell kicked off his first-ever headlining Reason to Drink Tour.

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