Saturday (May 12) marks one year since Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, brought home their daughter, Willa Gray, and she celebrated the occasion by sharing a beautiful tribute to her little girl on Instagram.

Lauren posted an adorable photo of herself cradling Willa Gray when she was still tiny. The photo was taken in Willa's native Uganda before the couple's grueling year-long adoption process was complete.

"Our sweet Ugandan sunshine came home to America a year ago today," she writes. "This pic was us in Uganda in the thick of our adoption, trying to bring our baby home. Cannot imagine a life without my baby girl who made me a mama," she adds with heart emojis.

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"I wish I could still swaddle you and hold you just like this," she adds. "So thankful that Jesus gave me you, Willa Gray. Being your mama will forever be the greatest thing I ever get to do. I love you to the moon and stars cutie pie."

Rhett shared the couple's first official picture with Willa Gray the actual day she arrived, writing, "Thank you to everyone who prayed every single day for this sweet girl. The Lord blessed us with the most amazing little girl we could have ever dreamed of and we can't wait to watch her grow up."

In an interesting twist, Rhett and his wife found out that she was pregnant far into the adoption process. As a result, they became parents a second time in rapid succession in August 2017, when they welcomed daughter Ada James. Both kids have since become fixtures of social media as the couple share sweet moments with fans.

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