Dustin Lynch sings of having found lasting love in his latest single, "Good Girl." But in a new interview, the singer admits that he has yet to find it in real life.

"The inspiration behind the song is probably me longing to find that person," Lynch tells People with a laugh. "I think finding that special someone is something we’re all hurtin’ to do. [The inspiration is] just knowing that that person is out there somewhere for me… and knowing that my mom wants me to find her more than anybody."

"Good Girl" takes the title phrase and plays on it from two different angles to describe a love who's exactly the kind of person any mother would hope her son would marry.

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"I got it good girl / ‘Cause I got myself a good girl / I still can't believe I found you / Can't imagine life without you," Lynch sings in the chorus.

Lynch co-wrote the song with Justin Ebach and Andy Albert, and he says they brought a very different perspective to "Good Girl."

"The two guys that I was with have already found their 'good girl,'" he explains. "So they were probably writing from a different spot than I am. I’m still writing about things that I haven’t experienced and want to experience in life."

"Good Girl" came as a somewhat surprise release after "I'd Be Jealous Too," the third single from Lynch's most recent album, Current Mood. It's the first taste we've had of a future follow-up album.

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