Cole Swindell has gotten to know Lauren Alaina while on the road together for his 2018 Reason to Drink Tour, and he's hoping he gets an invite to her upcoming wedding to Alex Hopkins, as he knows it's going to be a feel-good affair.

Alaina spent much of the year on the road with Swindelll, and while out there revealed that she and Hopkins were engaged in July of 2018. It's no surprise Swindell would want to be invited to the big day: The "You Should Be Here" singer tells People Now that based on her personality, he knows the wedding will be a can't-miss event.

“Maybe I’ll get invited because it’s going to be a good time. It’s gonna be a party, I guarantee," he predicts. "It’ll be a wedding but it’s gonna be a party. She’s so fun and she likes to have a good time. But she’s getting married, so hey, she might calm down.”

Swindell and Alaina shared the stage multiple times during the tour's terrain, collaborating on his signature hit "Middle of a Memory" and the ionic Prince number, "Purple Rain." Spending multiple months on the road together, Swindell has had plenty of time to assess his tourmate's personality.

“[Lauren]’s unbelievable. Her personality, her energy...and not to mention she’s one of the best singers in country music,” he raves, calling her "one of the funniest people you'll ever be around."

“She may bust out in a dance or something [coming down the aisle," he predicts. "She’s fun!”

Alaina is set to join Swindell for round two of the trek titled the Reason to Drink...Another Tour that kicks off Oct. 4 in Alabama and keeps them and fellow opening act Dustin Lynch busy through December. The tour is named after a track on Swindell's latest album All of It that was released in August of 2018.

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