A very scary situation at North Scott Junior High School this morning where a 12-year-old boy brought a loaded .22 caliber handgun to school. The student displayed the weapon in a classroom before a female teacher was able to disarm him prior to the arrival of law enforcement.

Eldridge, Iowa police officers were called to the school around 8:30 Friday morning on a report of a student with a gun. Police recovered the weapon and also arrested the student. He's been charged with Attempted Murder and Carrying a Gun on School Grounds. He was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center.

The North Scott School District released an email that stated counselors were on site and would be going to individual classrooms to "ensure our students feel safe." After the situation was resolved, school was put back into session.

I'm sure the teacher (who hasn't been identified) credited with getting the gun away from the student doesn't consider herself a hero, but I do. This could have been a very different outcome.

School, backpack, back.

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