Clint Black is generally an upstanding citizen, so the fact that he had a little run-in with the police in Colorado recently seems a little out of character … until you hear the whole story.

Black and his crew pulled their tour bus into a fast food restaurant parking lot in Thornton, Colo., around 2AM, looking for a quick bite en route to Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque, N.M. According to the Denver Post, the bus had its hazard lights on, which caught the officer’s attention.

The restaurant turned out to be closed, but Black exited the bus when the squad car’s lights flashed. The country legend explained that they were simply looking for something to eat and began talking to the officer, Mick Schaetzle, who turned out to be a country fan.

“He was really calm and cool. He expressed his support for police. I didn’t recognize him at first. I really couldn’t put a name to the face. He asked me if I liked country … music. I said I really don’t anymore," Schaetzle recalls. "We laughed about that. I said I don’t really like the teeny-bopper style of today’s country that sounds like pop music. I like the 1990s era singers like Travis Tritt."

The country star gave him a hint, asking the officer, "Like Clint Black?"

"That’s when it clicked," Schaetzle admits.

The pair took a photo together, and Black signed a copy of his album On Purpose for Schaetzle with the inscription “Blue Lives Matter.” The Thornton Police Department was as excited about the encounter as Schaetzle, posting a few photos from the interaction on Twitter afterward.

Black also responded, celebrating the police for what they do.

For the record, Officer Schaetzle says Black did not commit an infraction, and he was able to recommend another place for the singer to find a late-night meal. Black recently extended his On Purpose Tour, adding dates from August through December 2017.

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