GO Cedar Rapids ceased to exist as of yesterday. The organization simply couldn't overcome the $2.3 million deficit they incurred after the Newbo Evolve festival this past August. But the organization did have a plan to repay that money. But you'll never know what it was.

The plan was presented to members of the Cedar Rapids City Council, but not all at once. The presented their plan to council members individually to avoid requiring a discussion in an open forum. The method is called 'Serial Meetings'. The move, according to the Iowa Public Information Board, is legal but it is against the spirit of Iowa's Open Meetings Law. The head of the Iowa Freedom of Information Council called it a loophole that leaves voters in the dark.

So what was the plan that GO Cedar Rapids wanted to put in place to pay back the $2.3 million it owed? Specifics aren't being released but the city said that all plans involved taxpayers, yes, you and me, bailing out the organization. That 'No' vote sounds good to me.


[via KCRG]

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