Yes, fireworks are coming to Iowa...legally this 4th of July. A new state law allows for the sale of consumer fireworks between June 1st and July 8th and December 10th and January 3rd. But that isn't stopping some local communities from putting their own restraints on sales. The city of Marion will limit the number of days that people will be allowed to use the fireworks.

The Marion city council voted last night in favor of the move. The specific time period for fireworks use will be announced at a later meeting. Marion fire and police officials suggested a use period of June 24th through July 8th and December 31st through January 3rd.

At last night's council meeting, some residents spoke out in favor of an all-out ban on fireworks sales. Marion mayor Nic AbouAssaly said that a limit on the number of days they are for sale was the most reasonable outcome. The mayor noted that people will be purchasing fireworks all over eastern Iowa, and it wouldn't be realistic to expect them to not use them while in Marion.

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