Most places in Iowa wouldn't be thrilled to receive as much as 12 inches of snow in their city, especially from one storm. Then again, most places aren't Lake Okoboji, who hosts the 'University of Okoboji Winter Games' this weekend.

Jantina Carney, a member of the Dickinson County SnowHawks Snowmobile Club, tells the Sioux City Journal, "We're just giddy up here with this snow." She says business owners call it "... a 'Million Dollar Storm.' ... Snowmobilers are coming and they'll stay in our motels, they'll eat in our restaurants and they'll buy groceries while they're here."

That's a significant economic impact and there's considerable fun to be had in the great outdoors of an Iowa January.

The 37th year of this mecca of outdoor fun happens in a place best known for summer fun. It begins today in Okoboji and continues through the weekend. Clearly there's plenty to do, no matter how little the outdoors person is.

Weekend temperatures are expected to top out in the 20's, according to the National Weather Service, so all that snow isn't going anywhere.

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